Make a difference with a Doll

One of the best parts of being a crafter is other crafters around me. I love when we band together to make something wonderful to help others in need around us. Toys should make childhood colorful & fun – and I like to think that is exactly what the latest Team Lu & Ed products Read More


So I missed yesterday. The #FMSPhotoaDay prompt was ‘leafy’. Now it is the perfect season for that. The leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees. It is fun to walk through them and hear them crunch. Stripes Baby Bunny went out to play today. He raked. He leaped into piles and played hide Read More

When coffee…meets Lion

First…coffee…Coffee and I have a tight, serious relationship. I craft, I drink coffee, and see socks speak. Oh yes, coffee helps me create!   Second…lions…come out of nowhere. And try to drink MY COFFEE!! This is what happens…coffee curls a lion’s mane, causes them to not sleep, and they have to touch their nose at Read More