Thursdays Thoughts – Late Night Ponderings

Whoa! It has been a hot minute since I sat down to type up a blog post. Guys, I honestly miss it. I am here drooping, fighting my eyes, from work yesterday and work today, looking forward to working tomorrow as well as all the regular Mom and wife and house duties while throwing in Read More

Internet Difficulties in My Neck of the Woods

Good morning.  My Monday is starting out with issues with net. The new week of Handmade Mania will be posted when our internet connection is repaired. I do apologize for the delay. I do hope your Monday is better than mine. Now for more coffee and play-time with my kids who are home from school. Read More

A New Beginning – Apparently

Good morning! ☺ So, yesterday I canceled my GoDaddy believing I had shifted everything on to my NEW hosting site. Yeah…drat…not so much. I had transfer my Domain Name to the NEW place, Namecheap (which is an excellent blog host & domain keeper). Hosting was not transferred. 😖 Poof! Crash! All my newer posts from Read More