Handmade Mania Full of FUN Linkup week 137!

Hello! Welcome to week 137 of Handmade Mania! I am working on getting settled into the new “school routine”. It, so far, has been pretty smooth. The kids are enjoying their classes and teachers and they have made new friends already. [tweetshare tweet=”The NEW week of #HandmadeMania #linkup is LIVE! Join the FREE #handmadelove #promotional FUN!” username=”KKHandmade”] Read More

Handmade Mania Full of FUN Linkup week 135!

Hello! Welcome to week 134 of Handmade Mania! School is next week!?! We are so not ready. This Mom needs to get these kids back into the “school sleep” routine. Always a struggle for all of us. I am excited though for school to start. The children have been missing their friends. [tweetshare tweet=”The NEW week Read More

Birthday Celebration Giveaway & SALE

Hello! Welcome to my Birthday Celebration! Yes, today is the day, May 3rd. And I am SO excited this year to celebrate 35 years with you! Yep, that would be me. I was a cutie (my Mom looked pretty good too). I was born energetic and full of creativity. I am completely a ‘Daddy’s Girl’. Read More