Happy Memorial Day It is hard to say “Happy” when this day is remembering those that lost their lives in the war they were serving in. But we celebrate those Veterans that have safely returned home. So that, THAT is the cause for “Happy”.  In my family, there have been servicemen. I do not know Read More

Saved by Frosting!!

Who doesn’t like frosting? Yeah not many people…but my kids had a chance to enjoy it in a new way! You know those moments where everything happen ALL AT THE SAME TIME?? Yeah we had that happen. Penny fell so she was crying. Danny was crabby due to teeth pain and nothing I was trying Read More

Birthday Bash!

Wow!! What a wonderful weekend!!!  May 3rd is/was my birthday! So Friday was a relaxing day of fun with the kids and no cooking! We had Papa John’s for lunch and McDonald’s for dinner!  Papa John’s was amazing!!! I got to order my favorite pizza: Canadian bacon, black olives, green peppers, and mushrooms!!! With extra Read More

Epic Help

I love when help comes just when you need it! Lu & Ed’s (http://luanded.com/) owner, Cody, came over and shared EPIC thoughts on taking photos and editing photos. It was a fun time! We talked, played, and took photos. She really opened my eyes to the importance to a well taken photo. It was fun Read More


Hi! Welcome to Kiser Krafts brand new blog! I very excited about this new venture I am taking on. Blogging…who knew I’d be doing it!?! First, let me introduce myself. I am Kelly Kiser and I craft. Pretty simple, huh? Let me expound on it a little more. I am a wife, Mother, and a Read More