Meet the Maker!

Meet the Maker - Kelly Kiser

Hello! My Name is Kelly and I am the maker behind Kiser Krafts Handmade.

I have been creating my whole life. My Mom started me out on the sewing machine at four and I just kept on learning more and more. My Grandmama taught me the basics of quilting and slip-covers, while Mom taught me everything else: sewing clothes, animals, drawing, painting, singing, and finding solutions to any issue that life may hand you.

Life turns upside down

In August 2004, I was in a horrible car accident that only involved me, my Father’s car, a tree, and something I swerved around. I do not remember the day, the week of, nor the weeks after, or any of my past. My injuries included acute head trauma(among many others), with bleeding on the brain, causing amnesia and short term memory loss. I forgot everything: how to eat, walk, talk, even my own name. The brain doctor handed me back to my parents as a 3-year-old mentality in a 22-year-old body. We had a hard road ahead. With therapy, I was able to re-learn all the basics of life. One thing I did not need to be retaught: crafting (ex: sewing). It is like breathing. Through rediscovering things, we landed on crochet. Crochet has helped greatly with the short term memories. I am not sure if it is the repetitive motion or the relaxing nature of crochet but I know it helps me keep track of things. It saves my life every week, though sewing is more fun, enjoyable, for me.

A birthday Gift creates a New Medium

I received this awesome book from my parents in 2010 for my birthday. It is so inspiring. And I had collected socks up to this point but had never thought to cut up a sock to make an animal. This book changed my eyesight. Socks will never look the same. I see animals all the time when I see socks. I made a few of these animals and shared them on social media, to have someone ask if she could sell my creations in her shop, Daft Crafts. As a new wife and mother wanting to stay home to care for my family, I started Kiser Krafts. We have grown to have own online shop, which is more than I ever could have dreamed. It started with a Penny’s Pet Lion and has grown to include sock creations and crochet items with a hope of machine sewn items added in.

Trying to make the World a Better Place

I do my best to use supplies given to me or I rescue from thrift stores. Kiser Krafts Handmade ships out in recycled envelopes, boxes turn inside out, and paper products rescued before disposal. No scraps (fabrics, yarn bits) are tossed but diced up into the fiberfill to help stuff my all my creations. Doing a little bit to help keep this beautiful Earth clean.

It has been a joy to be able to continue to craft and make cute, ecofriendly items for all of my amazing fans. Thank you for reading a little more about me and my shop.



(p.s. If you ever need anything – shoot me an email – kiserkraft @ yahoo .com )